Game days

A game day process is used to simulate a failure or stage another test event, checking the software systems and processes you’ve designed as much as the response of your team. A good game day process should involve a performance run stating how your team will respond to an event, such as a failure or cyber threat. Ideally, you should cover all aspects of your product delivery, including operations, security, performance, etc.

Where would you use a game day?

A game day process should be used regularly as you design your product or system and once a process is fully implemented. You might use a game day process to simulate a spike in customer or user demand ahead of time or to test your team at regular intervals. 

There’s no right or wrong time to stage a game day — after all, it’s used to keep your head ‘in the game’. If you haven’t tested a scenario, however, scheduling a game day process is a good way to test the strength of your software system.

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