Who we are.

We facilitate positive change by delivering excellent government services.
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We believe that American citizens deserve flexible, forward-thinking public services that will enhance their lives and the lives of future generations.

This vision is what drove our Founder and CEO, Ketan Patel, to form ArcheSys in 2019. Ketan brings pedigree and a novel approach to a persistent problem with his extensive experience as a team leader and change manager across some of the largest US government agencies, including The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), The Veterans Affairs Administration (VA), The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and The White House during a unique engagement with elite technology experts. Built one of the largest AWS clouds in the public sector while working as a Senior Technical Product Manager at CMS to rethink cloud service consumption and delivery. Managed and operated large-scale applications supporting complex programs, including Medicare.gov and CMS.gov, for over a decade and led the charge to repair Healthcare.gov's failing infrastructure.

ArcheSys is a company with its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. It brings together agencies and skilled professionals to create digital strategies for public service. This includes, in particular, creating products and services that help organizations grow and build trust.  

Tomorrow begins today.

The old saying is true. You catch someone’s fish for them, and they rely on your ability. Teach them how to fish and adapt to the swiftly changing ocean, and they’ll never go hungry.

At ArcheSys, we focus on creating and delivering value and ensuring that providers and recipients have good relationships with each other. Together with our clients, we build solutions that help the American public and are easy to use, scalable, and safe.

Our solutions help people design their vision of tomorrow today. So, no matter how the world changes, we can help you adapt to meet those developments.

What matters to us.

At ArcheSys, our core values help guide and drive us towards success and prosperity for people across the country. We are:

Focused on the end user

To us, nothing is more important than the end user. No matter the service being provided, it can be judged a success if it delivers true value to the recipient.

Relentlessly improving

Success in our field only inspires us to achieve greater things. What we’ve created before may not deliver the same impact again. We work tirelessly towards reviewing and improving our service delivery.


A positive attitude can differentiate between success and stagnation in the face of challenge. No matter the obstacles in our path, we face each opportunity with the desire to succeed and to pass that success on to others.

Solving problems that matter

Tackling the ‘bigger’ problems is something we love to do. From short-term overhauls to long-term community projects, we want to make a difference by focusing on bringing about real change.

A strategic partner in shaping people-centric technology

The customer is, and always has been, the most important part of the equation. By influencing the development of people-centric technology, we aim to leave a lasting impact on the public services of today and tomorrow.

Delivering frequently and incrementally

Working collaboratively means ensuring cohesion throughout every step of the planning process. Regular campaign touchpoints and strategy reviews help to form this solid foundation on which to build success.
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We want you to see value in your organization too.

Because behind every process, product, or service lies an ethos that determines the end goal, and eventual success, of that enterprise. Come talk to us about how you can create further value for your outfit.

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A team of business people at a meeting

The culture at ArcheSys.

How we deliver value through action.

With us, it isn’t just about delivering great results for our clients
— it’s about how we deliver them.

Every decision, statement, and action we take is informed by our core values, which developed out of the strong culture within our team. We're proud of our achievements, but we put honesty, kindness, and positivity first while delivering results that change the world.

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Why is ArcheSys different? Doesn’t every workplace around the world have a culture?


We expect to be beneficial to the people we serve and the people who serve us. Our culture isn’t about stepping in line to fit the mold but expanding that mold to find new and innovative solutions that help us all see success together.

We are change agents at heart. This is reflected in the work we do and the manner in which we provide our services.

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We keep our people at the center of all decisions.

As a public service organization, people are central to our actions. We realize our work has the potential to impact the lives of countless people across America positively, and that’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

While we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service, we also focus on benefiting those who work with us at ArcheSys. By offering a range of health and well-being incentives for our employees and working in flexible, supportive ways that optimize the potential of working online, we maintain a culture that puts people first, always.

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Prioritizing growth through change.

To us, success is an indication that we’re on the right track. But that could change tomorrow or the next day. We believe in trying new things rather than sticking to what has worked in the past.

Our team is passionate about the issues we face, so the day-to-day isn't just about crossing things off a list but about making meaningful changes and looking for our next dose of success.

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