What does an agent of change do?

We create the strategies that decide the future of tomorrow.
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Collaboration is our biggest asset. It’s what we sell our clients — a collaborative strategy to herald success for all involved. We live by the values we preach to our clients, growing our team and culture out of mutual trust.

With us, you’ll wear many hats and do your part to help government agencies deliver products and services that have huge benefits for all Americans. What you bring to the role, your knowledge, skills, and determination will make all the difference to how we operate as a company.

As an ArcheSys change agent, we want you to feel involved in our team experience. During your tenure, you will represent ArcheSys to our customers as the face of our team on any given day, regardless of the position you are hired to perform. Your role has many facets, with constantly new, exciting, and even challenging daily tasks for you to sink your teeth into.

A team of people sitting around a table

What you'll be working on.

In your role as a change agent, you might engage in the following activities on any given day, although you won’t necessarily be limited to any of them.

Agile-based platforms

You might be expected to:
  • To have some knowledge of Agile delivery services.
  • Work with technical teams to carry out agile-based projects for customers.
  • Participate in various agile ceremonies, including sprint planning, daily standups, spring reviews, sprint retrospectives and backlog refinements.
  • Support the creation of user stories and stories pointing to effort levels.
  • Continuously improve in an agile environment, coaching and educating the team and the product owner.
  • Help us in the construction and presentation of an Agile delivery model.
  • Participate in remote/virtual teams that span various functional areas.


We ask that:
  • As part of your support for our customers, you will create documentation for the specifications, system design, information assurance policies, and controls.
  • You'll create procedures and update documentation libraries.
  • While establishing project deadlines and milestones, you’ll work collaboratively with various stakeholders to understand the requirements for technical writing.
  • You maintain knowledge sharing across functional teams and assist in fostering an internal documentation culture.

Project manager

Within this role:
  • It will be your responsibility to oversee the Program Delivery financials and ensure that the annual contract, forecasts, and ongoing contract P&L actuals are all in sync.
  • You’ll communicate with a highly visible government agency client.
  • You’ll recruit, train, and mentor staff in a positive manner.
  • You’ll schedule programs from beginning to end, including determining procedures, due dates, and milestones while ensuring the delivery meets the client's needs.


DevTools you'll be using:
  • Work with version control tools such as Github, Git, or Gitlab.
  • Use both JIRA and Confluence on a daily basis.
  • We will find a way to get you the tools you need for your job.

Cloud-based platforms

You might be expected to:
  • Use cloud-native tools with AWS or Azure as your cloud platform of choice.
  • Work in containerization and orchestration technologies (Docker, AWS ECS, OpenShift, Kubernetes)
  • Build Continuous Integration Pipelines using the resources provided by cloud platforms like AWS or Azure.
  • Make a modern infrastructure platform as code using a programming language like Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • Build REST API services.


We ask that you:
  • Give team members and other users hands-on and remote support to help them troubleshoot issues and put necessary fixes into place.
  • Offer daily support for on-premise and cloud-based lines of business applications.
  • Identify troubled spots in any systems or procedures, conduct research, and present fixes that adhere to our theme of continuous improvement.
  • Maintain close communication with IT Operations staff at all tier levels to discuss problems, complete tasks, and share updates on the status of user requests for hardware, software, and other reports.   
  • Provide world-class IT and customer service while interacting with customers to address system-related issues.


You should expect:
  • To have a hand in maintaining and improving the reliability, availability, and performance of any of the systems we implement, including any IT infrastructure support necessary.
  • To include updating and handling alerts from monitoring tools like NewRelic, Datadog, Splunk, VictorOps, Pagerduty, etc.
  • To address system-related issues and communicate them with customers.
  • To work with a team of developers to operate and maintain current application systems.
  • To fix user issues with applications that were created especially for each client.
  • To give excellent operational service that enhances customer missions.


Like us, you’ll seek:
  • Proficiency in Code Quality and Test Automation Tools (e.g. SonarQube, Selenium). As a team member, you’ll likely be embedding them into Continuous Integration Pipelines.
  • Established Automated Code Quality, Assembly Testing and Performance Testing Solutions on top of Continuous Integration Pipelines.
  • To develop your experience creating unit tests using JUnit. You’ll also understand what is required to achieve 85%+ code coverage consistently. 
  • To develop your understanding of how best to work with a team, implementing CI/CD pipeline automation and modern development practices such as Test Driven Development


You may be contributing to:
  • Coding, creating, and innovating technical solutions, automated CI/CD pipelines, and Cloud and DevSecOps for clients.
  • Finding ways to continuously optimize and improve all operational aspects across Cloud and DevSecOps.
  • Developing automation strategies in the SDLC process that enable quick delivery of new solutions across multiple clouds.
  • Eliminating bugs in software created using a variety of languages and adding fixes to upstream projects.
  • Getting involved in open-source projects for tools and libraries.
  • Maintaining code through Git, as well as keeping track of any changes, versions, and code reviews.

Software architecture

A quality software architect will:
  • Make suggestions and stay current with the newest tools and solutions.
  • Consider exploring alternative solutions while participating in the solution's planning, definition, and high-level design.
  • Communicate industry-leading trends, architectures, and business process designs that would benefit our federal customers.

Design thinking

Design-led planning includes:
  • Understanding and implementing UX/UI strategies for customers.
  • Presenting customer flows, wireframes, functional designs, etc.
  • Designing engineering projects and applications hosted in the cloud.
  • Conducting user research, testing designs with users, synthesizing data, and presenting findings and recommendations.


As a development expert, we expect you:
  • Support the creation of automated solutions and scripts to complete sprint tasks.
  • Display knowledge of deploying & releasing software code.
  • Utilise your knowledge of the SDLC's fast-paced, structured processes, including configuration and release management, for the final release of products into production environments.
  • Utilize tools like Jenkins/CircleCI, Git/Gitlab/GitHub, CI/CD pipeline development and configuration.
  • Collaborate in an agile environment with numerous teams working concurrently to complete the deployments of a larger initiative.

Product led thinking

A quality product:
  • Is designed following a planned route and systems-based architecture.
  • Answers to the key developmental criteria as laid out by the client.
  • Generally delivers value to all users.
  • Creates efficiencies and streamlines current procedures.
  • Monitors usage and monetary/storage spend.
  • Is interactive and obeys UI/UX rules.


A secure product:
  • Is designed with backup systems in place, using a secure IT infrastructure. 
  • Utilizes IT infrastructure consulting and automation to deliver a top-quality client product.
  • Takes liberal snapshots and/or instances to backup procedures.
  • Secures all passwords, usernames and other forms of identification. 
  • Is architecturally sound in terms of design and storage.
  • Allows secure access to users and requires strict authentication procedures.
  • Is designed within a sandbox environment that doesn’t impact any live products or systems.
  • Uses only secure product tie-ins or browsers.

The softcore skills we like to see.

As one of our change agents, you’ll do more than deliver great products and services. We support our team to achieve their goals and grow in their roles within a competitive and professional working environment.

Communication skills

We ask that you:
  • Create effective presentations that demonstrate value and offer solutions.
  • Clearly communicate with stakeholders who are both technical and non-technical.
  • Put together, condense, and present technical materials to our customers' executive leadership team.

Work-life balance

At ArcheSys, we offer:
  • A work/life balance that allows you to work to your full potential.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • A cooperative, professional environment.
  • Chances to prove your ability and grow in your role.

Remote work

Sometimes, it may be expected that you work remotely when you are:
  • Away for travel reasons.
  • Are physically unable to come to work but can still complete tasks from home.
  • Are entering another agreement where your presence in the office is not always required.


It's expected that you:
  • Report on any issues as they develop.
  • Record hours worked and any relevant notes.
  • Keep a consistent record of your progress, detailing any significant developments and details, including technical steps, which are essential to the team.
  • Save your records in a formulaic, easy-to-understand manner.
  • Are able to present, with clarity, your work in front of the team and, if necessary, in front of clients.


We're looking for people who can:
  • Collaborate with others on a project and play a part, however small or big, in realising ArcheSys end-user goals.
  • Take pointers and advice where applicable, but also stand up for and justify their work.
  • Contribute to team meetings and discussions and listen to others.
  • Work with anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, background or preferred working style.
  • Have fun, relax and generally insert themselves into the team dynamic.

Company growth

What we’d like to see from you is:
  • A commitment to our core vision and values, as stated on our website.
  • A dedicated work ethic and desire to strive.
  • The ability to self-manage.
  • An eagerness to help grow the company by finding solutions that are unique.
  • The desire to lend your current skill set to whatever task.

Training capabilities

We'd love to find someone that:
  • Wants to train and learn new skills.
  • Is willing to take hold of opportunities that arise.
  • Is eager to train others in turn regarding their own particular skillset.
  • Would be interested in any learning programs that they or ArcheSys find that could extend the skill set of the company.

Work hours

Are you someone that:
  • Can adjust to flexible hours and working conditions when needed?
  • Is dependable and can arrive on time?
  • Records their hours and is honest with the work they do?
  • Can manage their own time effectively?
  • Sees their time at work not as an exercise in ‘punching in the clock’ but as adding value to the company?


We ask that you:
  • Dress formal/casual for most work days.
  • Arrive to work clean and presentable.
  • Wear a suit or dress on occasion when asked to for the purposes of a client presentation or a meeting.

Client feedback

It's important that you:
  • Take note of what clients say. 
  • Try your best to deliver up to and exceeding client expectations.
  • Are honest with your workload. Remember that you are the expert in your field. If it can’t be done or it’ll take time, be clear with clients and help to manage their expectations.
  • Have the desire to create real value for our clients.

What you need to know working with us.

We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our team and our clients, many of whom work in leading US government agencies.

Employee happiness

At ArcheSys, we strive to deliver a competitive work environment that offers challenges and opportunities to all our team members. The happiness of our team is important to us, and we try to accommodate most needs to enable you to work to your full potential.

We ask that you present a positive face to other team members and clients wherever possible. We trust that, as a member of our team, you’ll represent Archsyes fairly and professionally at all times.

At the same time, we understand that trust is a two-way street, which is why we are always open to discuss any concerns in private to better accommodate your experience with us.


As a member of the ArcheSys team, you hold a vital role in the future of American lives. Our primary clients are governing US bodies and agencies who are looking to update their processes by modernising their approach to technology. We help service primary industries, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services, The Veterans Affairs Administration (VA), The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and The White House.

As one of us, you will be responsible for helping uphold our standards and delivery to US governmental agencies.

Requirements to work with the government

  • As a government contractor, all hires may be subject to additional pre-employment requirements, to the extent required by applicable law, at the time of hire or at any time thereafter.
  • Some of our jobs may require to obtain Public Trust Clearance (Fingerprint and credit check required)
  • Some of our federal contracts require that you be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for employment, or if you are a Green Card Holder, you must have at least three years out of the last five years of active work experience.
  • All work must be conducted within the U.S.

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