Definition of Done (DoD)

The Definition of Done (DoD) is an agreed-upon checklist that outlines what’s trying to be achieved and schedules accountability for each action. In plainer English, a DoD works out a plan and estimation of the project across all levels of the organisation, including who is responsible for what actions.

Where would you use a DoD?

A DoD can be used to help an organisation understand the product lifecycle of a new software feature or customer-facing product, or it can be used to help an agency decide how they want to expand internally. 

A good DoD will be transparent and clear about the best method for achieving the workflow. It will include areas for peer review and double checking, as well as giving status to the product’s process, moving from ‘in development’ to ‘completed’. 

Different companies will have their own variation of a DoD, but each is meant to ensure that all systems are checked and accounted for before a product can be successfully launched.

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