Utilize cloud native resources.

What does it mean to utilize cloud native resources?

Cloud native refers to the software approach of building, deploying and managing cloud computing environments. Modern companies may use a native model to support application development or cloud infrastructure, improving scalability, flexibility and resilience. 

Implementing native cloud services refers to the process of utilizing cloud services informed by providers such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Why would you want to utilize cloud native resources?

Implementing natively managed cloud services can help organizations streamline their cloud operations, improve performance, and reduce costs by leveraging the expertise and resources of cloud service providers. This approach also allows organizations to focus on their core competencies and offerings while leaving the infrastructure management to the cloud service provider.

How does one utilize their cloud service provider?

To best utilize the cloud native resources and make the most of the applications being implemented, the service should:

  • Identify the business requirements and use cases for cloud native resources.
  • Evaluate the offerings of cloud service providers, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, and determine which services best meet the organization's requirements.
  • Migrate or deploy applications and resources for the cloud provider services, such as AWS RDS, Azure App Service, or Google Cloud Datastore.
  • Monitor usage of the cloud provider services and optimize resource usage to ensure cost-effectiveness.
  • Monitor alerts on cloud deprecations to migrate resources over effectively to the latest version without incurring any downtime.
  • Test your product using cloud-native services in a lower environment, where the stress of downtime won’t be as noticeable as it would be in a highly sought-after application, platform or program. 

The value of utilizing cloud native resources

By utilizing native-managed cloud services, organizations can streamline their cloud operations and reduce the complexity of managing internal infrastructure. In addition, by leveraging the expertise and resources of cloud service providers, organizations can reduce costs associated with managing infrastructure and reduce management overhead. At the same time, engineers can focus on their core competencies to achieve their business objectives efficiently.

Main advantages of utilizing cloud native resouces

  • Provides access to a wide range of cloud-native resources and services
  • Facilitates rapid development and deployment of cloud-native applications
  • Enables automatic scaling and elastic capacity to handle changing workloads
  • Helps optimize resource utilization and reduce waste
  • Enables efficient use of cloud resources and services
  • Enables agility and flexibility in managing and scaling applications.

Common technologies

  • AWS
  • Azure 
  • Google

A common user story

“As a Product Manager, we are implementing cloud-native resources to improve our organization's scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We will work with the development teams to identify applications and services that benefit from a cloud-native approach, evaluate cloud service provider offerings, and migrate or deploy applications to the cloud-native platform. By identifying the business requirements and assessing the cloud service provider offerings, we can help our organization leverage the benefits of cloud-native architecture, including improved scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.”

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