Instance scheduling.

What is instance scheduling?

Instance scheduling optimizes resource allocation and cost efficiency by strategically automating the start and stops times of cloud computing instances based on usage patterns and requirements.

Why would you want instance scheduling?

Implementing an instance scheduler in AWS can help optimize costs by ensuring that instances only run when needed. This can assist in reducing costs associated with running instances that are not being used or turning off resources in non-production environments when not needed. It also ensures that instances are available when required, so nothing is lost.

How does instance scheduling work?

An efficient instance scheduling program will:

  • Define the scheduling requirements to determine which instances need to be scheduled and the specific schedule that will be used.
  • Configure the instance scheduler in AWS, specifying the instances to be scheduled and the schedule to be used.
  • Monitor instance usage to ensure that the scheduler is working correctly and that instances are only running when needed.
  • Optimize the schedule by adjusting the schedule as needed based on usage patterns and business requirements.

The value of instance scheduling

Implementing an instance scheduler in AWS provides several benefits, the most obvious of which is the cost-saving value. This is achieved by automatically shutting down resources in off hours or any resources that are not being used, as well as scaling your infrastructure more effectively, and optimizing your resource allocation.

Main advantages of instance scheduling

  • Enables cost optimization by scheduling instances to run only when needed
  • Facilitates workload balancing and resource optimization
  • Helps reduce waste and improve efficiency
  • Provides flexibility and scalability in managing resources
  • Helps achieve cost savings and better cost predictability
  • Improves overall resource utilization and ROI (Return on Investment)

A common user story

“As a Product Manager, implement an instance scheduler in AWS to optimize costs. By defining the scheduling requirements, configuring the instance scheduler, monitoring instance usage, and optimizing scheduling as needed, I can help our organization reduce costs, improve efficiency, and allocate resources more effectively while ensuring that instances are always available when needed.”

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