Cloud monitoring.

What is cloud monitoring in SRE?

Cloud monitoring refers to a series of strategies and practices used to analyze, track and manage other cloud-based services and applications with the intention of implementing optimal running and storage efficiency. This monitoring allows insight into the use of digital assets, giving actional insights into the availability of resources and user experience.

Monitoring cloud resources and infrastructure ensures overall optimum performance, with organizations meeting their intended objectives in cloud architecture design.

Why would you want cloud monitoring in SRE?

Cloud monitoring is essential because it helps organizations identify issues and potential problems before either can impact business operations or customers. This includes identifying performance bottlenecks, resource constraints, security vulnerabilities, and compliance issues.

How does cloud monitoring in SRE work?

Cloud monitoring allows you to:

  • Define objectives, including which resources and metrics are worth monitoring and how frequently this should be done.
  • Select the appropriate tools to collect, store, and analyze the required data. This may include tools like AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, or Google Cloud Monitoring.
  • Implement cloud-native observability, infrastructure monitoring, and traces. This may include tools like Container Insights, AWS X-Ray, or third-party SaaS like DataDog and NewRelic.
  • Configure rules based on monitoring objectives, such as setting thresholds for performance metrics or creating alerts for security events.
  • Analyze incoming data and optimize resource usage to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Utilize native or off-the-shelf tools to centralize aggregating and correlating logs from multiple sources at the organization level. This allows you to gain excellent visibility into the entire cloud infrastructure.
  • Utilize advanced aggregation and reporting capabilities to gain deeper insights into cloud infrastructure, application logs, and metrics. This can include predictive analytics, machine learning, and customer dashboard that provide near real-time visibility into an application and infrastructure performance. 

The value of cloud monitoring in SRE

Cloud logging of monitoring data provides a real value proposition for organizations, allowing them to effectively track, manage and optimize their cloud resources and infrastructure. 

By aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing log data from different sources, organizations can comprehensively understand their cloud operations and identify issues before they impact their business operations or customers. This results in improved performance, enhanced security and compliance, and better-informed decision-making for the organization. 

Additionally, enforcing logging policies and managing access to cloud resources based on their logs helps organizations comply with security and compliance requirements, further adding to the overall value of implementing cloud logging.

Main advantages of cloud monitoring in SRE

  • Provides real-time visibility into system performance and availability
  • Enables proactive detection and resolution of issues before they become critical
  • Helps optimize resource allocation and utilization
  • Enables effective capacity planning and forecasting
  • Facilitates root cause analysis and incident response
  • Improves overall system reliability and uptime

Common integrations 

  • AWS CloudWatch and X-Ray
  • Azure Monitor
  • Google Cloud Monitoring
  • Container Insights
  • DataDog
  • NewRelic

A common user story

 “As Product Managers, implementing cloud monitoring by defining monitoring objectives, selecting monitoring tools, configuring monitoring rules, and analyzing and optimizing performance, we can help our organization identify potential issues, improve performance, enhance security and compliance, and make better-informed decisions. This will enable us to meet our customer's needs and achieve our business objectives.”

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