What are SREs (Site Reliability Engineering)?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an engineering approach to managing and ensuring software systems' reliability, availability, and performance. SRE implements best practices in software engineering, automation, and operations to create highly scalable and resilient systems. SRE teams are responsible for monitoring system performance, automating repetitive tasks, and building tools to minimize manual intervention and reduce the potential for human error.

How and where would you use SREs?

Implementing SRE involves setting clear system reliability, availability, and performance goals, such as Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and Error Budgets. Comprehensive monitoring and alerting systems should be implemented to identify issues and track system performance against defined objectives. Identifying repetitive tasks and processes and automating them is crucial to reduce manual intervention and improve efficiency. Encouraging a culture of learning from failures, sharing knowledge, and continuously improving system reliability is also essential. Working closely with development teams to incorporate reliability practices into the software development lifecycle ensures that new features and changes are deployed safely and efficiently.

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ADRs capture the key available options that are used to arrive at a design decision, documenting and tracking the process made during design and implementation.

Cloud user auditing

Cloud user auditing involves tracking and monitoring user activities within cloud environments to enhance security, maintain compliance, and identify potential threats or unauthorized access, ensuring a safe and well-regulated infrastructure.

Incident management and response

Incident management and response is the process of detecting, investigating and responding to incidents within the cloud or within a user server/interface.

Cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring refers to a series of strategies and practices used to analyze, track and manage other cloud-based services and applications.

Recovery in SREs

Recoverability is important for any software to have. Back-ups are essential in a world of cyber attacks and natural disasters, where we rely on digital products to perform daily tasks.

Reliability in SREs

Reliability relates to how consistent and predictable the performance of your product or system is, depending on what your customers use you for.

Resilience in SREs

A resilient SRE system is one that can survive any potential ‘disaster’ while keeping customers happy and backing up precious data.

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